2.  Action plan for database development

Once clear goals have been established, pathways to achieving these goals can be developed by the National Database Working Group (NDWG) in the form of an action plan. The action plan for database development should include the following:

  1. a clearly defined and prioritized list of deliverables and tasks
  2. a timeline for deliverables and tasks completion
  3. descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the NDWG team; and
  4. an overview of review and quality control mechanisme.

The aim should be to establish a manageable process in which progress can be easily tracked and stakeholders can be kept engaged. Examples of how this works in practice can be found in existing National Database action plans that can be downloaded. There is also a number of case studies and national/regional accounts available:

  1. Bajaj, S., Gupta, S., Shenoy, M. (2016) – Report of consultations with key stakeholders on ‘Readiness for development of Indian LCA database’. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
  2. Chomkhamsri, K. T. Mungcharoen, C. Yuvaniyama (2017) 10-year experience with the Thai national LCI database: case study of refinery products. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 22(11):1760–1770. DOI: 10.1007/s11367-016-1160-3
  3. Gerhardt, J., T. Rodrigues, E.T. Sugawara, D.A. Lopes Silva, M. Folegatti Matssura, A. de Souza Oliveira CHAPTER 6 — Further resources 65 (2019) Avaliação do guia Qualidata como um instrumento de verificação de requisitos mínimos de qualidade para inventários de produtos brasileiros [conference paper]. VII Conferência Internacional de Análisis de Ciclo de Vida en Latinoamérica, July 15-20, Cartago, Costa Rica.
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