1. Approval of roadmap

To ensure implementation of the roadmap a critical aspect is about clarity on who is responsible for ensuring progress with its implementation. Since the development of a database requires concerted action by multiple stakeholders, it is critical to appoint a government agency, organization or a group, such as a task force or working group, that takes responsibility for coordinating the multiple agencies involved and in maintaining momentum.

The roadmap development exercise should include the nomination of, and ideally the acceptance by, an agency of this responsibility. Ownership or responsibility does not mean that all the activities for implementation have to be carried out by the agency taking ownership/responsibility itself.

Rather, the agency will be responsible for identifying, coordinating and establishing communication mechanisms among the various actors that will contribute to the development of the database, similar to the role of a project manager. It is expected that an initial set of data providers and database users will be identified during the roadmap development. Any loose ends in bringing the initial data providers and key user groups on board should also be tied up at this point.


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