2. Capacity building

Members of the agency, as well as other agencies or individuals that will collaborate in the development of the database, need to have the knowledge and skills to fulfil their roles and responsibilities on time. While initiating implementation, briefing and capacity building of the main stakeholder groups should be organized to facilitate smooth implementation. The main stakeholder groups, whose capacity should be enhanced are (at least):

  1. A responsible agency or the members of the implementing group
  2. A database management team
  3. The data/dataset providers and reviewers
  4. The data(base) users

You need to assess the learning needs (to develop the training content), select the learning method (e.g. seminar discussions, hands-on exercises), select the delivery channels (e.g. face-to-face or virtual), procure the expert services for content preparation and delivery, and finally, deliver the capacity-building programme.


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