3. Establishment of data collection and dataset creation

In the database roadmap you included an indication of the data needed and how to obtain them e.g. through direct measurement campaigns (primary data collection), from some existing database or data sources (secondary data) or models/tools for inventory generation. Actions can be prioritized based on the data availability and the needs of the database users, as identified in the initial baseline assessment and stakeholder analysis. Broad tasks for this activity are identified below:

– Study of user data needs and further prioritization of sectors, industries or products
– Define the work that needs to be done and information flow for data collection and dataset submissions
– Design and delivery of guidance and tools for:

  1. data/dataset providers and reviewers that will provide and/or review data to be included in the National Database
  2. database management team for internal data handling, including database integration of accepted dataset submissions
  3. database users


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