Starting a national or sectoral LCA Database can be quite an undertaking. It requires a lot of preparation, knowledge and especially stakeholder involvement.  We recommend that you start with the following steps. They will help you streamline the process and make sure that you build on the knowledge and experience that you already have and that others have developed.

  1. Baseline assessment and stakeholder mapping and engagement
  2. Establish a National Database Working Group (NDWG)
  3. Determine the level of ambition
  4. Plan the road mapping process

Make sure to pay attention to the governance of the database. It is good to tackle this early in the development of the database.

The actual sequence of all four steps above can be adapted (at least to some extent) to suit the needs and preferences of the actors involved. It is up to the roadmap developers whether dedicated funding is required for the database roadmap process, or whether it is performed completely based on in-kind contributions from the core team and participants.


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