Monitoring progress

Monitoring activities are intended to assess the success of the roadmap implementation and to make corrections wherever implementation did not progress as anticipated. At the time of roadmap development, criteria for assessing its success should be discussed and defined. For monitoring, these criteria can be articulated in the form of indicators. The indicators should be periodically assessed and adjusted as necessary as the LCA database matures.

The following indicators may be useful to track and then determine further actions required for improving outcomes from roadmap implementation:

  1. Number of participants at meetings and events where the database development work is presented or discussed
  2. Number of data providers, and database users associated with the project
  3. Number of datasets submitted, reviewed, accepted and/or published.
  4. Number and/or share of datasets becoming available or connected to the GLAD network
  5. Number of stakeholders engaged or the degree of stakeholder representation within the database initiative
  6. Trends in number of requests for data coming in
  7. User satisfaction level assessment (e.g. through surveys)


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