On this page you will find additional resources and practical examples from countries that have developed a roadmap for a national database. As a first introduction we suggest you watch the video about the development of a national database.

In a presentation about the project you can also learn more about the first hand experiences from countries that have gone through the process.

Further insights can be found in the guidance overview webinar and in the related roadmap guidance document that can be used as a reference for the development of databases. The roadmap document is also available in Spanish. Several other relevant documents including Global Guidance Principles for LCA Databases can be found in the library.


You’re not the first that wants to develop a stakeholder mapping or final roadmap. You can learn from how the following countries have done this:


For practical questions please have a look at this FAQ document. It answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the development of national databases.


Specifically for introducing people to the concept of database development two trainings have been developed.

The Course on Data Acquisition and Data Development covers the following subjects:

– the relationship of data to national databases and LCA software
– creating datasets from original sources
– creating datasets from secondary data and quality assurance
– creating datasets from public sources
– process modelling for LCI datasets
– modelling processes for national dataset development, with case studies from Sri Lanka and Brazil
– regionalizing datasets of processes
– storing datasets into databases
– linking databases and LCA software, and alternative dataset development methods

The Course on Dataset Development, Documentation and Exchange covers the following subjects
– dataset documentation
– concepts and criteria pertaining to responsible management practices in LCA databases
– concepts and criteria pertaining to the review of data from LCI datasets
– roadmapping for the Peruvian National Database
– a presentation of the Thai National Database Development Pathway

If you want to put into practice what you have learned, you can do some exercises:


If you want to engage with people that have gone through the same process and learn from them, then please contact us via email: claudia.giacovelli(at), join our LinkedIn Group or reach out to one of the Experts in our Directory.

Or if you want to see practical examples of countries that have developed a roadmap for a national database, watch this photo gallery.